According to Rich Waterworth,  general manager of TikTok's stated that the short video sharing app, controlled by  China's ByteDance,  wants to increase the amount of  data it stores in Europe.

TikTok, a Chinese social media platform, intends to establish two more data centers in Europe. A step that might allay worries about the security of customer data and reduce regulation stress on the company.

TikTok has been attempting to reassure governments and authorities that users' private information cannot be accessed and that its material cannot be altered by the Chinese Communist Party or anybody else working for Beijing.

The business also disclosed on Friday that it had an average of 125 million monthly active users in the Europe between August 2022 and January 2023, making it subject to more stringent Europe online content regulations known as the Digital Services Act (DSA).

Companies with more than 45 million users are classified by the DSA as very big online platforms, and as such, they are required to implement risk management practises, undergo external and independent auditing, share data with regulators and researchers, and adopt a code of conduct.

Online services and search engines had until February 17 to publicize their monthly active users, according to the European Commission. Massive online platforms have four months to follow the guidelines or face penalties.

Twitter announced on Thursday that, based on an estimate of the previous 45 days, it has 100.9 million average daily users in the Europe.

This week, Meta Platform reported that in the last half of 2022, Instagram had an average monthly user base of 250 million and Facebook had an average monthly user base of 255 million in the Europe.

Alphabet gave two numbers that were based on users' accounts and another set based on individuals who had been signed out, claiming that users could access its services whether they were signed in or out of an account.

According to the report, Google Maps had 278.6 million average daily signed-in users, Google Play had 274.6 million, Google Search had 332 million, Shopping had 74.9 million, and YouTube had 401.7 million.