On February 17th, the NBA community awoke to celebrate Michael Jordan's 60th birthday.

Many people asked how Jordan was spending his time during these festivities. Understanding how much he values his privacy.

The six-time champion's family teased their plans online, with his son, Marcus Jordan, publishing posts with the hashtag MJLX, which stands for Jordan's 60th birthday.

Jasmine Jordan posted a picture with her father, Jordan dressed in an all-black outfit paired with a red, black, and white half-sleeve jacket and black shoes.

Jasmine Jordan, Michael Jordan's daughter, captioned this post, “There is No Debate • Happy Birthday to the Greatest • Love You Daddyo.”

Jasmine declared her father to be the best of all time and chimed in on the controversy about who is the greatest of all time.

Jasmine Jordan also said, “My son definitely has my dad wrapped around his finger.”

Jasmine has shown glimpses of the grandson-grandpa combination on various occasions, but she has never disclosed her son's face.

Jasmine intentionally put the emoji on her son Rakeem's face.

Jasmine Jordan once revealed that the six-time finals MVP is a ‘soft grandpa.’