Kyle Jacobs, the husband  of Kellie Pickler, was discovered dead from what seemed to be suicide.

In her Tennessee home, Kyle Jacobs was discovered dead after what seemed to be a suicide.

Kyle Jacobs, the spouse of Kellie Pickler, was 49.

police said. "Mr. Jacobs' wife, Kellie Pickler, reported that she awoke a short time earlier,"

the statement noted, "did not see her husband, and began looking for him. 

An apparent suicide is being looked at in relation to Jacobs' death.

In 2011, Pickler, 36,  wed Jacobs in a secret Caribbean wedding.

The series followed Pickler and Jacobs as they balanced their marriage with their  busy schedules.

"We just do everything we can just to be real," Jacobs said.

Jacobs held producer credits on hits like Lee Brice's "Hard to Love," "I Drive Your Truck," "Drinking Class" and "Rumor."

"I clock in and I do my job and then I come home and I'm a wife," she said.