Nintendo Switch first became available in March 2017. And it will turn six years old in March 2023.

When this console debuted, many people couldn't believe they could play their beloved computer games on the go.

In an era where platforms can display 4k graphics with ray tracing. Switch is not just underpowered but incredibly underpowered.

Because of this, Nintendo should consider the future, and perhaps they already are.

According to recent reports, Nintendo has already begun preparing for the debut of its upcoming console.

On the other hand, Nintendo recently published a title called Metroid Prime Remastered, which was huge hit with gamers worldwide.

Fans are thrilled that they can now play this iconic game on their console with better graphics!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet arrived on this same device a few months back. In terms of revenue, 

this game outperformed a lot of others, but in terms of graphics, they were bad

The Nintendo Switch game Tears of the Kingdom is shortly to arrive, and it already looks crazy!

The Nintendo Switch seems to be a strong device if developers are prepared to put some effort into it in its present form.