Adin Ross has shared his real opinions about "Kick" despite the controversy surrounding the platform transition, and fans are not impressed.

Adin Ross revealed his departure from Twitch earlier this week after receiving numerous threats from the site.

Kick's, a platform controlled by Train wrecktv, made him a substantial offer, promising $150 million over two years.

Adin Ross is dissatisfied with the revenue from his new streaming service.

He surprised them by making a new twitch appearance on February 16.

A portion of his stream, wherein he expressed his genuine thoughts about the platform despite the recent change,

was highlighted by one of his fans. Most of his followers were puzzled because they didn't believe what he had said.

Adin mentioned that he felt undervalued and that Kick needed to give him a higher salary if they wanted him to stream continuously. "I need more money",he said in the footage.

The streamer earns $1.8 million per month and is worth $24 million, according to insiders.

When Adin switched from Twitch to Kick, the platform's viewing soared as thousands of followers joined his stream.

In just four days, he attracted more than 68,713 fans, breaking his own standard.

After streaming the Super Bowl on Kick, Adin almost got himself into trouble. Ross might be blocked or sued for copyright violation

according to a 'esports' lawyer, who apparently made that allegation.