Nowadays, Twitch donation videos are becoming more and more well-liked. In which the creators give a streamer money in exchange for them performing certain tasks.

TwoQuickOnes in a tik tok video gave a zero-view user $1. But he was unaware of how the Twitch streamer's life would be significantly impacted by his donation.

James Adamski, also known as Jay Squatch, is the Twitch streamer to whom TwoQuickOnes gave a solitary dollar.

The streamer had "a fairly gnarly beard," TwoQuickOnes noted. So he asked, "How much to shave your beard on stream?" to the streamer.

However, Jay's answer caught everyone off guard: "Unfortunately, I'm going to probably lose my beard, so."

TwoQuickOnes became curious and asked him why he was going to lose his beard. "I acquired the Big C (cancer), my dude," Jay said when explaining his motivation.

When TwoQuickOnes learned the cause, he decided to support Jay by posting this tale on social media.

The TikTok video went global almost a year ago, had a massive effect on Jay's life. Who once had no viewers now has hundreds of viewers on streams.

He has more than 41,000 subscribers to his YouTube account now.

Additionally, Jay's in-law Chelsea Metzger is organising a $96,000 fundraising effort for his cancer therapy.

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