Temperature And Humidity, Relative humidity

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Temperature And Humidity: If you are trying to dehumidify a room, keep an eye on the temperature of the air in the room. What is Relative humidity Temperature and humidity have a complex relationship.

Lower air temperatures require less moisture to maintain the same humidity level.

As a consequence, the air can hold less water at lower temperatures.

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Technically this isn’t true (air cannot hold moisture), but it implies true. Take a shower, and you’ll see it every day.

As you shower, warm, moist air condenses on cold surfaces in your bathroom, like your bathroom mirror.

Cold surfaces hold less moisture than warm, moist surfaces.

Whenever something cannot be held in the mirror, it condenses as liquid water.

What is Relative humidity

If a block of air is at 50% relative humidity and 50°F, that block of air will contain a lot less moisture than if it were at 50% relative humidity and 90°F.

Temperature And Humidity example:

The ambient air is 80 percent relative humidity and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

You’ve turned on the dehumidifier and set the humidity to 40% RH, which has now been achieved after a few hours.

Another scenario is when the initial air temperature is 50°F.

Again, you set the dehumidifier to 40% humidity, and the starting RH level is 80%.

The level is achieved in a short time.

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