17 Best Planner Apps in 2023

Best Planner Apps: Here are some of the most effective planner applications for students currently on the market. Each one is highly rated and affordable, and in many cases, explicitly designed towards school and studying. best planner app for students.

An excellent student planner app is clean and has a user-friendly interface. It can be integrated into other apps that offer all features you’ll need in one location.

This list contains several calendar applications that can meet the needs of lecturers, students and teachers created to make your academic life simpler.

When choosing the best planner application, it is essential to look for one that offers features pertinent to your needs and your timetable.

Apart from the widespread use of new technology, including interactive learning and making use of VR and AR is a massive part of the digital apps have been developed to aid students.

Thus, day after day, it is becoming an increasing substitution of diary journals using specific mobile apps.

It’s inevitable, and all we have to do is embrace and appreciate the benefits of technology to plan our schedule and study.

What is Planner app?

A planner app or digital planner is an organization tool you can download and access from anywhere.

A great alternative to old-fashioned planners that take up a lot of space in your bag. best planner app for college students

With the planner app installed and synchronized between your iPhone and iPad, you can easily browse your tasks.

You do not miss any deadlines set by your teachers. Consider these apps as a secretary that reminds you of your daily appointments. They are that helpful.

Best Planner Apps |  Best planner app for college students

  1. Todoist
  2. Study Bunny – Focus Timer App
  3. Power Planner
  4. TickTick
  5. myHomework Student Planner App
  6. Google Keep
  7. School Planner
  8. Microsoft To Do
  9. Egenda
  10. iStudiez
  11. Wunderlist
  12. Time Planner
  13. Any. do
  14. StudySmarter
  15. Trello
  16. My Study Life
  17. Habitica

1: Todoist

Todoist is a calendar loved by many, not just by students but also by executives and employees. I

t’s the one that is utilized in the workplace by Disney along with Amazon. It’s been in use since 2013 and has a goal to become the leader in the market in the next ten years.

2: Study Bunny – Focus Timer App:

Study Bunny is the top motivational study app that allows students to keep their focus and have plenty of entertainment.

With this application, you can create lists of tasks, design flashcards, create timers for studying sessions and keep an eye on your improvement.

The app is highly engaging and beneficial, particularly for students.

When you begin to study rigorously, you’ll earn coins. These coins can be used to purchase items for your adorable bunny.

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3: Power Planner – Best Planner Apps

Power Planner is among the most popular time management applications for students.

It has a variety of functions like accessing assignments, entering your class exam schedule, and tracking your GPA.

The developers are continuously improving the application by adding new features as well as fixing bugs.

It’s the most efficient student planner, thanks to its sophisticated GPA calculator.

It comes with a “What is the probability?” option that allows users to calculate the required points for tasks to achieve the grade they want.

Additionally, the application provides announcements of upcoming events.

The paid version offers many more options. For instance, you could save different grades and track your GPA information from one semester to the next.

4; TickTick

The second app on our top list of student planners is TickTick to-do lists that I discovered to be an easy and efficient planner application that allows you to create schedules to organize your time, stay on track to meet deadlines, and manage your time at work, at home and other places.

TickTick lets you create tasks with a keyboard or by speaking and reminders in a matter of minutes and focus on what is crucial to you.

It also can sync your data across the internet as well as Android, iOS, Mac, and PC.so you can view and manage your files regardless of where you’re not online to reach your goals faster.

5: MyHomework Student Planner App

MyHomework Student Planner app is a basic free and efficient student planner application that helps students keep track of their assignments and homework.

This app can help you neatly organize all your work in one location.

The sleek interface and gorgeous aesthetics make this app ideal to use by middle school, high school and college students.

It also comes with an option to synchronize homework and connect devices. Use this fantastic planner app with your classmates.

6: Google Keep – Best Planner Apps

Google Keep isn’t exactly an application, but it is among the top student planner apps you can utilize.

The most significant benefit of this is that you can include the date of a reminder to any note to make sure you do not miss any due dates.

It is also possible to include a checklist to monitor your performance.

Another great feature that benefits Google Keeps is that users can access the notes from any screen at home.

You can also add images and documents to notes for easy access.

7: School Planner

The School Planner app is a straightforward and simple-to-use application for students in high school, schools, and college students.

It is designed so that you, the student, can manage your life and keep track of all aspects of your life.

With this application, you’ll be able to keep your daily schedule and your regular schedule in fingertips and plan your studies in line with your schedule.

The built-in calendar has been optimized to allow you to organize your activities and events more quickly.

8: Microsoft To Do – Best Planner Apps

Microsoft To Do It is an improvement of Wunderlist.

Although this app is relatively new and has various features, it comes with a wide variety of features that could rival other planners that use digital technology.

The most appealing aspect of using this application is that it’s free for those who already have a Microsoft Account.

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9: Egenda

Egenda app offers the option to pick any subject to look up all tasks and tests related to this subject and the dates.

This is a great benefit to students because it allows them to plan.

Assignments and projects are presented as cards that can be removed when they are completed.

The app is not equipped with the option to create an Egenda.

The most recent version can see the entire month of test and project data for every topic. The option is to backup or sync.

10: iStudiez

The user interface is attractive, and the tools for keeping track of homework assignments, grades, and schedules are the main features of this application.

It is easy to examine your goals for the day and schedules using an easy-to-read dashboard.

Smart notifications will help to keep track of deadlines and exams coming up.

Creating an Egenda for the week and then checking it out in the “Week view” section is possible.

If you’d like to view your activities planned during the entire day you can go to “Day overview”. This planner for schools allows you to create deadlines, tasks and specific details for every class.

11: Wunderlist

Wunderlist is among the most effective student planners that let you manage your daily chores.

If you’re in search of an app that will keep you on top of deadlines or make lists with another person or organize your day-to-day routine, Wunderlist got you.

The app has an intuitive user interface making it simple for you to plan and organize your tasks.

Other features the app offers include reminders As well as Subtasks, Recurring, and Reminders.

Additionally, it has Notes and Notifications, Sharing, and Notes to ensure that you don’t lose everything.

Wunderlist will even sync your data across all of your devices, allowing you to be able to access it wherever you go.

12: Time Planner

Time Planner aims to improve other aspects of your life by assisting students to complete their schoolwork in time.

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13: Any. do

Any.do app is one planner app with unique features, such as checklists of tasks, reminds you, and the ability to manage your day-to-day tasks. Calendar events, checklists, and much more.

It is possible to seamlessly sync by keeping your tasks, lists of to-dos such as reminders, notes, calendar, and reminders to avoid forgetting an important date.

You can also easily send your to-do list out and assign tasks to your family members, friends and colleagues on your task list to collaborate and accomplish more.

14: StudySmarter

StudySmarter has been awarded as a well-optimized free study tool for college and high school students.

StudySmarter is an all-in-one app that allows students to create studies plans with smart goals, make notes and flashcards, set the timer for their classes, and keep track of their academic performance using artificial intelligence.

If you’re interested in checking your performance, you can use the built-in charts function to see your study time.

This app is among the most effective planner applications that can assist you in improving your daily routine and boosting your productivity.

15: Trello

If you’re looking for an organizer for your own or groups, Trello can be considered one of the top inline organizers. Trello isn’t one of the top apps for students for no cost.

The app has a wide variety of good features. It comes with an interface that allows you to drag and drop, making it easy to shift tasks from one location to another.

In terms of flexibility, this application is one of a kind. All your activities on our platform are stored in the cloud and automatically synced across all your devices.

16: My Study Life

My Study Life is one of the most effective digital planner apps for students at college or school, and lecturers, teachers, and instructors make your life simpler by coordinating all your activities and tasks in one location.

My Study Life lets you prioritize your college or university work. One of the significant aspects of my study life application is that it contains no ads and is accessible for free.

I also suggest this top study planner app to anyone searching for an excellent app to manage homework that supports timetables.

The app lets you seamlessly sync your data across devices and access the app even when you’re offline. You must test this app.

17: Habitica

Habitica is among the most popular student planner apps, making it simple to complete your tasks with games.

You can include your routines, daily tasks, and other items in a list. Every time you complete an activity, the character’s level increases.

Habitica app even offers users a virtual currency they can use to buy costumes and profile backgrounds.

Apart from the games, it provides the option to participate in virtual gatherings and fight monsters.

Making tasks trackable and adding them is extremely simple. If you’re looking to track your work, look it up using the widgets.