Alphanumeric Characters | Definition & Characters, Examples

A language set that contains only letters and numbers is known as Alphanumeric Characters. A character consisting of 26 alphabetic letters and 10 Arabic numbers can be considered alphanumeric.

In addition to numbers, the Merriam-Webster dictionary identifies ‘alphanumeric’ as mathematical symbols and punctuation marks. Alphanumeric.

Also called alphameric. includes Latin and Arabic figures representing numbers 0 – 9 and letters A – Z (both uppercase and lowercase), with some familiar symbols such as @ # * and &.

Alphanumeric Characters Means

Something alphanumeric contains both letters and numerals or is a character that either includes a letter or an integer.

An alphanumeric text is a composition of Latin and Arabic characters or constructed from that collection of characters. According to Merriam-Webster, the term “alphanumeric” can often describe other symbols, such as punctuation marks and mathematical symbols.

An alphanumeric character is simply a Latin or Arabic character representing a number (0-9), a letter (uppercase or lowercase), or a symbol, such as @# *.

To communicate with computers (or central processing units, in particular), computer programmers use numbers rather than alphabet characters to express their instructions.

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For this, programmers use numerical representations of what is seen as alphabetic characters by humans. Most people have heard of binary code, which represents alphanumeric characters only in 0’s and 1’s.

Computer programmers can represent any character they wish with a sequence of 0s and 1s. A letter ‘A,’ for example, would be represented by 01000001.

What is Alphanumeric?

A mathematical symbol or alphabetical character is a combination of Latin characters and Arabic numbers.

Often, the term “alphanumeric” may also reflect other symbols, such as mathematical and spelling symbols, according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary.

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A Latin or Arabic alphabetumeric system maintains a track of numbers 0-9, A-Z (both uppercase and lowercase), as well as some commonly used symbols like @ # *.

Alphanumeric passwords are designed to be stronger than those created with just letters, so websites that request them to ask us to use numbers and letters. Our file names are made using alphanumeric keys,

But some symbols aren’t allowed, such as the slash (/). I don’t see how that’s confidential, do you? Once we discuss alphanumeric characters in actual computer programming, the secret language is revealed.

Trying to write directions for computers using alphabet characters will not work since computers (or chip components, to be specific) use machine language in the form of amounts.

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To do this, developers present alphabet characters as numerical representations.

You may have seen binary, which uses only 0s and 1s to showing alphanumeric characters. In computer programming, characters are represented using a series of zeros and ones.


The second method of alphanumeric characters, computer programmers use ASCII.

The American Standard Code for Information Interchange stands for the American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

Your initial thought might be to key those amounts into your keyboard or number pad, but all you get is amounts! I think you’re right.

As an ASCII code, those digits need to be entered into a text-only application.

such as Notepad (or by choosing the plain text option in Word). An ASCII table can be used to illustrate the word ‘red’ like 82 69 68.

In this case, the 114 101 100 letters would be used unless they wanted the lower case.

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Alphanumeric Characters vs Non Alphanumeric Characters

Alphanumeric Characters

Numbers 0 to 9 are grouped with the twenty-six alphabet letters (A-Z) to form alphanumeric characters. 1, 2, q, f, m, p, and 10 are examples of alphanumeric characters. Symbols such as *, &, and @ are also considered alphanumeric characters. Check Empirical Formula

Combinations of these characters are also possible. Characters made from alphanumeric symbols, numbers, and alphabetic characters are &AF54hh, jjHF47, @qw99O, etc.

There are two ways to write the alphabet: lower case or upper case. If case sensitivity is applied, it depends on the context of use.

When alphanumeric sets are coded, letters that can be mistaken for numbers are excluded. To avoid confusion with the numeral 1, airlines and auto manufacturers skip the insignificant letter I.

Likewise, auto manufacturers omit the letter O and the letter Q to avoid confusion with 0. It is not used in other applications since it is similar to the number 5 or identical to the number 2.

Punctuation characters or symbols determine how non alphanumeric characters are handled.

Alphanumeric Characters Meaning

Alphanumeric is defined as something that contains letters and numbers.

Alphanumeric passwords require both letters and numbers. An alphanumeric keyboard is an example of a computer keyboard.

Numbers 0 – 9 are represented by alphabetical fonts, alphabetical letters (lower and uppercase), and symbols like @ # * and & are represented in alphanumeric fonts.

As requested by sites, alphanumeric passwords are created by mixing numbers and letters, resulting in more robust passwords.

File names are also made with alphanumeric keys, though some symbols are not accepted, such as slashes (/).

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Non Alphanumeric Characters

When a multi-word search is used, punctuation marks separate words as though they were terms. This includes punctuation! @ # & # ( ) – [ ]: ‘,? / *.

Furthermore, symbols also have white space surrounding them. Despite using punctuation characters, multiword searches fail to preserve sentence order.

In the presence of an adjacent punctuation character to a logo character, the symbol character is ignored.

Hence, the combination of this symbol character and the punctuation character will be treated like the punctuation character.

When searching for ice cream, the results would be similar to a phrase search for “ice cream”, while searching for ice hockey would produce the same results as a phrase search for “ice cream”.

The same principles would apply to ice cream research as they do to other types of research.

List Of Alphanumeric Characters

list of alphanumeric characters
  • $ sign
  • @ sign
  • Pound sign #
  • “&”
  • asterisk *
  • Special characters
  • blank
  • brackets [ ]
  • braces { }parenthesis ( )
  • plus, sign +
  • comma,
  • hyphen –
  • semicolon;
  • slash /
  • single quotation mark.’
  • equal sign =
  • Period.
alphanumeric characters list
                               alphanumeric characters list

Example of Alphanumeric password

The strongest passwords would have special characters since valid alphanumeric passwords have only letters (“alpha”) and numbers (“numeric“).

Having a password of just two characters would be too weak (as one of you requested). You can use more characters if you’re allowed if you select a password with at least eight characters.

Words from the dictionary should not be used. Utilize a mix of letters, numbers, nonstandard capitalization, and Special Characters.

Here are some examples,

P$aLm23 (seven characters) (The “S” stands for a dollar sign, and the “L” stands for a capital letter.)

I’m-not-your-friend-now (17 characters) (This means “Why aren’t you my friend now?” in code. None of the words in this phrase appear in the dictionary.)

Make your passwords longer and mix capitalization and spelling, as in the following example.

The word “J+HN” has no “O” whatsoever, and the word “SAVED” is missing an “E” (13)

P$aLm23_My-L0RD (15 characters; the letter “L” is a capital letter, and the word “L0RD” uses a zero instead of the letter “O”)